MTV’s Scream The TV Series 2 Hour Halloween Special Hits MTV Tonight

Disclaimer: If you have yet to finished season 2 of Scream on MTV/Netflix this post will spoil the end of it, and so will the Halloween special.

Well now that we got rid of the squares who HAVEN’T finished season 2 we can fangirl/boy/cheer for tonight’s Halloween special.

Image result for scream tv series happy GIF

According to the description on MTV, the 2 hour long ‘episode’ will take place eight months after Kieran (played by Amadeus Serafini also I warned you this would be spoiler) is arrested and Emma is having trouble dealing with it all, like usual.
Meanwhile my babies, “Noah and Stavo have combined forces to create a best-selling graphic novel based on the Kieran Wilcox murders and Audrey is in a new relationship.”

The group of Lakewood survivors make the smart choice to stay on island which in similarity to Lakewood has a lot of murder history. Rumours of an appearance of Brandon James have surfaced among fans and I’m excited. Can we also have a replay of crazy Brooke? The special debuts tonight at 9pm on MTV (hopefully hitting Netflix the following day), you can tweet along, and play my Scream Drinking Game!


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