#Giordan: New MTV Couple Alert?

Okay so I know I’m not going to make #Giordan happen as a couple name but cut me some slack it has been a long day. MTV is responsible for so many love stories via reality TV, and these two may not have met on their respective shows but they are just so gosh darn cute.
We met Jordan on the latest season of the The Real World, and perhaps she showed us she has a thing for AYTO guys when she and roommate Mike (who was the first to appear on AYTO and The Real World) were an item on the show.


Fast forward to 2017 and Instagram is blowing up with videos, and images of the megababe and Are You The One 4 star, and rapper Gio together (for the record a fellow megababe). Typically I do not like to perpetuate rumours but its pretty obvious from the kissing and two part song on Gio’s Soundcloud that they two are together.

Haters already getting their hits in on videos of the two on Insta with one user saying:

I pray to god you treat her better than you did Kaylen

In this case I think the fans out number the haters because the rest of  the comments are all Giordan fans. Fans who can probably come up with a better name that Giordan.


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