The Anxiety Diaries Volume 29: “How Many Times Are You Going To Rewatch That?” My Experiences With ‘Déjà View’

I had always thought that I was the only person (until I got on idk like Tumblr in 2012) that rewatched shows and films CONSTANTLY. I believe I have rewatched the following shows/films up to 7+ times each (in entirety):

Harry Potter 1-4
Skins (UK)
Schitt’s Creek
Dynasty (The reboot)

stacie mistysyn degrassi high gif | WiffleGif

The Challenge
Twilight (all the films)
Doctor Who (specifically the David Tenant era)
The Office (US)
The Vampire Diaries
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
The Umbrella Academy
Geordie Shore

And that is just a short list, because there are MANY more. I adore when a new series or film is released, as it is sort of my job to know whats what however my anxiety and depression FEED off of a rewatch. The key thing to note is the feeling that you get when you are revisiting old movies and TV shows. It feels GOOD and comforting and you aren’t surprised with the outcomes in the plots. Sure, you pick up on something you missed or an Easter egg but you are comforted by knowing what is going to happen. It is similar, for me, as listening to albums over and over again (MGK ‘Tickets To My Downfall” I’m looking at you). You know that one note, or lyrics is coming and you just feel something familiar when you do.
According to psychology professionals this is NOT an uncommon thing. The comfort that is brought to those who battle anxiety and depression from a good rewatch is unmatchable.

Given the current state of the world in thanks partly to COVID and partly to international governments there is a lot more time to spend at home, and what better way to spend that time than at LEAST rewatching a show in the background?

So, although I don’t often cut my thoughts short…it is time for me to go continue to rewatch Archer.

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