10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents: Episode 18

We did it, we made it to the final!

The Challenge' Premiere Recap: Death to the Veterans - The Ringer
  1. Cory is doing it for…
    The family.
  2. One last party.
    The “Crazy 8” celebrate their journey to the final.
  3. The final begins…with a hurricane and a purge…
    Finalists are told that the team to complete day 1 last will be purged oh, and theres hurricane.
  4. Day 1/Checkpoint 1.
    The day starts with a run to the first checkpoint and challengers are reunited with the season’s first daily. Winners of this first checkpoint receive an advantage, and CT and Amber take that W. Amber takes the win and gets to choose a partner for the remainder of the final, she sticks with CT.
    Following this the final 8 run again to the second checkpoint, but Kaycee takes a tumble putting her and Fessy in last place before checkpoint 2.
  5. Day 1/Checkpoint 2.
    Eating challenge!
  6. Vomiting…so much vomiting.
    Thats it just puke filled with blood and sheep balls.
  7. Determined and defeated.
    Kaycee is determined to go on despite her knee injury while Fessy has given up.
  8. Checkpoint 2 winners.
    CT and Amber B are two for two and clear the checkpoint first.
  9. Advantage.
    CT and Amber B are rewarded a dessert (more sheep balls!) to sabotage another team with.
  10. Choices.
    The front runners must choose a team to sabotage and oh look another cliffhanger!

  • Fessy above feeling relieved that Amber did not choose him…

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