10 Things That Happened On Episodes 5 & 6 Of MTV’s The Challenge Spies, Lies And Allies

You may or may not have noticed a lack of recap of The Challenge last week. Because this week’s episode was shorter than others I have compiled the two episode recaps together.

10. Big Brother is still crumbling.

They cannot keep it together. Josh wants an apology from Fessy, Amber wants an apology from Fessy. Idk at this point I want one too?

9. The rookies are scared and they should be.

Rookies rookie pairs getting sent home left and right. Emy and Hughie know they are next. Episode 5 sent home home Gabo.


Logan & Big T
Kaycee & Nany
Jeremiah & Amber
Berna & Nelson
Esther & Josh

Josh & Esther cozied up at the club

7. Fights are in the air too…

Josh vs Fessy and Esther vs Amber. Drinks are thrown, and Big T is falling asleep with boredom.
Ed, Tori, and Cory egg the fighters on.

6. Daily Winners.

CT & Berna, and Kaycee & Emanuel.

5. Aneesa is sent home.

She dislocated her should during the episode 5 daily.

4. Pizza gate 2.0

So who really ate Amber’s pizza?

3. Kaycee & Nany.

Kaycee sets up the CUTEST date in the cabana to surprise Nany.

2. Sh*it chatting.

Berna believes that Amber is fake, while Nelson can’t get the nickname “Messy Fessy” right.


We get a cliffhanger for the latest episode…

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