#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV’s Are You The One 4 Star/Artist Prosper Muna

The 4th series of MTV’s hit reality series Are You The One hit screens last night, and we met a new cast of hopefuls looking for love, and a shot at a HUGE cash prize. Within that cast of dating failures is this week’s feature, Prosper Muna. I sat down to talk to the AYTO babe about the show, his music and a bunch of other jazz, check it out:


1. Did you apply to AYTO for love, or money? Why? (Or both)

Hahaha, great question. Absolutely for love. Love is rare, anyone can make money ;).

2. When the “Insta Love/Love at First Sight” twist was first revealed, what was your initial reaction? Do you believe in love at first sight?

I was surprised! I definitely believe in love at first site. Most fellas won’t admit it but we all know it exists. It’s your intuition telling you that this girls aura feels right. The connection is instant.


3.Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something they may not know about you already?

Sure, I’m the first in my immediate family to graduate from high school and college. I have five other siblings and I’m a personal trainer


4. Speaking of music, can you tell me a little more about yours?

Absolutely, my music comes from the heart. Lyrically I spit a lot of knowledge but I also like to have fun. Just call me the hiphop “Al Green”. “L.F.B.D” (Looking for better days) is the movement. I have an e.p on sale now titled “Live long and Prosper” and I’m currently working on a follow up E.P titled “1991”.

5. Who would you say is your celebrity “perfect match”?

BEYONCE! But I’m not drinking lemonade anytime soon, lol.

7. What would you say is your “theme song”?

Hahaha, theme song? I’m a New Yorker so I definitely have to say Notorious B.I.G “Juicy”


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8. What can we expect this season on Are You The One? I’m certain theres loads of drama and hookups!

Expect A LOT of drama and surprises. I wish I could say more but this is definitely going to be the best season ever.

Tweet me your match guesses at: @thenikkisin 😉

9. Do you keep in touch with any of your castmates?

Definitely, I just caught up with a few of them at our cast party.

10. Whats next for you?

What’s next for me… working on finishing up my follow up E.P “1991” and going on tour. I have few acting and modeling opportunities that just landed my way. I’m just blessed and I thank God every day.

Keep up with Prosper on social media:

Instagram: IAmPMuna
Facebook: Prosper Muna
Snapchat: IAmPMuna

And catch Prosper’s journey for love on MTV’s Are You The One 4 Monday’s at 10pm!

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