MTV’s Are You The One: All Stars Challenge Premiere Date Announced

Is a new episode of Are You The One each Wednesday not enough for you? I FEEL YOU. And if perhaps my TMITuesday interviews with the cast of this season, and last is also not enough for you then on March 22nd you will be at last satisfied.

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PEOPLE reported on Wednesday that the 5 season hit would be premiering a spinoff:

“For five seasons, the wildly addictive MTV reality show has put single men and women through comprehensive interviews, compatibility tests and personality metrics that come together in an algorithm to identify their ideal partner — and then given them 10 weeks to figure out each perfect match in order to win $1 million. Now, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal that 10 of your all-time favorite perfect match couples are getting a second chance at love — and money — in an all-new spin-off series, Are You The One: All-Star Challenge.

Set in Melbourne, Australia and hosted by Real World alum Karamo Brown, the season features seven perfect match couples from seasons 1-4, as well as three from the current season 5 that have yet to be revealed.

The twist, of course, is that this time, not everyone will win together. Over the course of the season, the perfect match couples will compete in a series of challenges designed to test the strength of their bonds. Every week, the successful couples will be rewarded with cash and one match will be sent home until the definitive All-Star couple is crowned.

The relationship-focused missions will test each couple’s compatibility, and the more missions each match wins, the more money they bank — keeping them safe from elimination.

Each week, the couple in last place after the mission will enter “The Choice,” where they must individually decide between stealing their winnings earned until that point and going home, or sharing their jackpot and staying in the game. If one person chooses to steal, they get to walk away with the money — but if both opt to steal, it’s the ultimate betrayal and they’ll be sent home with nothing.”

Okay but lets get to what y’all want to know, WHO IS GOING TO BE ON THE SHOW? If you caught Wednesday’s #AYTOAfterMatch show you saw season 3 alumni Rashida, with match Devin (who dropped the FRIKKIN MIC ON ALICIA WITH A COMMENT) talking about the new show. Judging by Devin’s performance on MTV’s The Challenge we know he is a super supportive partner so Rashida is in good hands (not that the megababe cannot handle herself). Also competing are:

Season 1: Adam & Shanley

Another fierce Challenge competitor, lets see how Adam without their AYTO in-house partners Brittany, and Chris.

Will they be able to also be a perfect match for this spinoff?

Season 2: Nate & Ellie

Yet another male from AYTO AND The Challenge! I think Nate, and Ellie will make a strong team. Both of them have a lot of heart.

Season 4: Mikala & Cameron

These two were #goals from the get-go but sources confirm they have split. I can see them working well together regardless.

Season 4: Gio & Fran

These two were not short of drama on their season, and neither are short of musical talent. But will they come up short on winning? WE WILL SEE.

Season 4: Tori & Morgan

#TORGAN may have left us all sad when they split but Barbie and Ken always did work well together. And if there is a rap battle challenge, Tori has it in the BAG.

Season 4: Kaylen & Asaf

To be honest I never really saw these two as a match, but hey what do I know. I’m ready to see Kaylen back on my screen and Asaf will make his way back into all of our hearts.

There is also set to be perfect matches from season 5 but since the show is still airing, they cannot reveal who those competitors will be. Check out the new series on MArch 22nd on MTV, and all new episodes of Are You The 5 every Wednesday on MTV.

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  1. i wish that vijay would have helped maya with her depression but i still love him! i bet he will have a romance with an older boy like 17 or 18 on the show heheh


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